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Minecraft Hoping to get some info from the Collective minds


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A friend who plays minecraft (and is using a computer I built for him last year) is having issues with his system. It's freezing after a while of playing.


He just upgraded to windows 7 32 bit, and I updated the graphics drivers last night. I can't find anything else that might have caused the problem though. He says it's a regular occurrence. Anyone have suggestions on what it might be?

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Duh.. :P My bad. Here you go:


(to the best of my knowledge, he's only upgraded the OS from this original build)


ASRock 760GM-GS3 AM3 AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard


ASUS ENGT430/DI/1GD3/MG(LP) GeForce GT 430 (Fermi) 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16

AMD Athlon II X3 450 Rana 3.2GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core

OS - Windows 7 (Home Premium I think) 32 bit

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System specs, also are there any error messages that come up?


Has he tried uninstalling and re-installing it?

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Not sure if any other errors were coming up, but just remoted in to his machine, disabled the Vsync and set his vid card to performance and single monitor performance settings. He's been on it for 5 min now (usually would freeze within 1-5 min) - and so it looks to be fixed. :) Hopefully!

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I am assuming this is a personal computer and he plays on the server as well?

4 gbs of ram is only enough to support about 3 -5 people if he is playing as well at the same time. Dedicated servers are generally best for this thing. Also depending on the CPU speed. since minecraft servers are NOT multi thread supported yet you need all the Ghz you can get from your CPU to run and play a server. there are a few alternative server consoles out there, one off the top of my head is from bukkit, low impact gui server that when the server is running uses (untested) 0% cpu and only 30 mgs of ram. Still in dev pages of Bukkit.org but that would be my best guess.

also i am sure that his 32 bit windows isnt helping too much either. i also prefered 64 bit myself.

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Are you trying to run a server and a client on the same machine? I do but I have 8gb ram allocated 4gb to server and 2gb to client and runs great.


If you need to allocate more ram this is the command line you can launch MC with.. this one is 2gb ram allocation.


javaw -Xmx2048m -Xms1024m -jar "C:\Users\Frick\Desktop\Minecraft.exe


(path = wherever your minecraft.exe is)

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