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Minecraft Sever down, banning, problems


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So some of us are being banned by some people who are using a cracked version of the game and impersonating admins the sever is down none of us can get on and none of us can fix the issue.

Also the same people where glitching money buying a lot of plots more than 3 I think this was fixed but I don't know. I have a suggestion to help fix this problem we need to have some more people to have access to the sever and commands something like a co owner they could help stop issues like this so doobie can finish working on the development side of the sever and we can fix any exploits or issues any suggestions as to who would be best for this job.

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Yeah Doobie fixed the regions yesterday and IP banned someone. I just don't know why the server has been down for so long. Its been a few hours. :/

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