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Hey! I'm Nightshift...


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My name is Nightshift.

I am dedicated call of duty player and is almost always on steam.

my first cod servers were boring and the players were disrespectful to everyone. When i left them i came a across The Fearless Assassin's server. at first I didn't have much to do with it. Then i started to play it more and more and it is now the only server on my favourites and the only server i play on.


I joined the server when i was just starting at lvl 3 I think and since i play it so often I've worked my way up to lvl 28.

The players were welcoming and fun to talk to. I'm having a great time and looking forward to play more.


thanks for taking the time for reading this and thanks for being so open to new players.




Steam: The Chocolate Assassin >.<

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