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360 controller


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I just recently bought a wireless x box 360 contoller for game play on the computer thinking that it would make me become that much better of a player. After about a week of using it I put it down it was terrible. I mean it was good for made throwing and quick firing and quick switching of weapons but the movement and fast reaction is not comparable to the mouse. I do not recomend it to yall especially if you have played the duration of your computer gameplay with a mouse then it will throw you right off. Just a suggestion!

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ohhh PC gamer going to have hard time to play with gamepad on pc, especially if you play FPS with a mouse only for long long time.

I have PS3 and believe me after played some FPS with my brother I was like WTF ... it's stupid playing like this (i mean for FPS), for my bro it was different he was able to play better then me with pad cos he don't play games in PC, he doing it all time in console.


Games in general are great on console ... except one FPS. but i know someone who advise me buying something to play fps on PS3 FragFX v.2 for the Playstation 3 (for xbox I dunno if you have the same.


so if you plan to play fps on PS3 try this FragFX v.2 :The FragFX v.2 features a separate right hand mouse controller and detachable left hand grip controller, ideal for experiencing the traditional PC mouse and keyboard style gameplay of shooter games in a console environment.



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