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  1. Happy Birthday TBahama!

  2. happy birthday mate...Enjoy the day...God Bless!

  3. Why not say hello? hello!...

  4. GO MINA-MOO!!!! Next friday you and i will have a jam session on vent!!!!!
  5. TBahama

    Scary :S

    Hello everyone , Earlier on in the week I went to the doctor because I had notice something on my tonsil that looked out of place. The doctor told me that it was called a "papilloma". As i researched and spoke to my doctor, my understanding of it is, it is basically a benign tumor. As an 18 year old i am a little nervous about it becoming mobile and spreading throughout my body, which the doctor informed me is a possibility. I am going to the states to see if i can possibly get it frozen off instead of having surgery, but more than likely it will have to be done via surgery. I feel fine and am acting normal and doing my everyday thing, but i still have this "tumor" in my throat and thats a little weird to say at 18 years old lol. I just thought I would let everyone know just incase something serious were to happen. TBahama
  6. Everyone must watch this and reply back it his absolutely hillarious!! F*uck!! Those dice are so f*cking gay!!!! lmao - TBahama
  7. Bahama will be present for sure!!! If i am present alcoholic beverages will be at hand :D Bahama+alcohol+COD4 on a friday and saturday night= <3 forever
  8. I only play the hardcore server and i would like to see kill house and chinatown for sure.... If its possible i wouldnt mind one Search and Destroy map either
  9. TBahama

    360 controller

    I am actually getting the 250 gig PS3 when it comes out november third and i might have to take that into consideration cause that looks pretty friggin cool bey lol
  10. I just recently bought a wireless x box 360 contoller for game play on the computer thinking that it would make me become that much better of a player. After about a week of using it I put it down it was terrible. I mean it was good for made throwing and quick firing and quick switching of weapons but the movement and fast reaction is not comparable to the mouse. I do not recomend it to yall especially if you have played the duration of your computer gameplay with a mouse then it will throw you right off. Just a suggestion!

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