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Want To Be Friends?  

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Howdy, I'm bewiz. I am 19. I am a computer nerd u just cant tell yet lol.. I DJ when i can and I love music!

I love playing F|A even though I'm not good at it yet.

(Ha ha...) I cant wait to get to know you all. I will be glad to talk any time. I hope we can become good friends in the near future.

I am hyper almost 24/7. I have a anti-fetish against cats, i listen to some F***ed up stuff. I like to dance. I like to sing. You know too much already. And my most prized possession is my CupCake Bra!!

~~Your Friend,




Extra Info---


X-Fire : RuggdRider

yAhOO : DJ.BeWiz@yahoo.com




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I'm Lush. I like beers. Pleasure to meet you. Haven't seen you playing yet but I'm sure our paths will cross. Anyways welcome to the forums and rock on :yeye

Thank you very much :)

You too.


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Wow! I love this community already :) I usually play Jaymod or Jaymod 2 only ET. COD4 lags a lot. If you guys want I would be glad to visit the vent sometime but No Microphone so yeah. I could find a way to play a bit of music though. I got PLENTY lol.

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