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Hello to Everyone


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Hey everyone it's TheDoctor! I love music, rap...not as much but some, I'm a gamer like video game and tabletop kinda gaming. Yes...I play Dungeons and Dragons its pretty fun with the right people. I also like explosions, as a matter of fact I operate in COD4 with an RPG. Zombies are no joke, its not a matter of might its a matter of when my good people, PREPARE THE BULLETS!!!!!!!! Well I'm an quote on quote "artist" but I hate drawing...still good at it but its not for me. If you've heard of Warhammer 40000 awesome, if not its freakin sweet, I love painting these models its so addictiing as well as the game. I play the accordion, mostly to Russian Folk songs, I own a Balalaika same use as the accordion. As most of the fellow gamers on COD4 vent have noticed I don't talk much because I'm not sure how to benefit to conversations so I stay quite most of the time. I'm not going to judge myself as good or bad, I'm just...me, but I'm willing to get to know my new Clan Family even if I'm not accepted.



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