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    Игры, пушки, женщины, брат�тво, камрады, почетно�ть, пер�и�тирование.
    Games, guns, women, brotherhood, comrades, honor, persistance.

    Off the record I love history, science, math, classical music, drawing, painting models, poetry, writing stories, and other stuff.
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  1. Happy Birthday TheDoctor!

  2. MP44 is a piece of junk, I dont even know why they put it in this game...
  3. Hmm I'd go AK74 for hallways and fast paced, but I do like my AK47...hmmm I'm not sure

    1. TheDoctor


      made my girlfriend break up with me just in time for it too :D

    2. Artisan


      college is indeed awesome

    3. Wifestein
  5. Happy late birthday! WHOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO PARTY!!!!

  6. Not bad fred, not bad...but its still not over 9000
  7. is done with senior project...finally

  8. Ehh yeah, as long as people are acting like complete douche bags I'm down for some scrim action
  9. I can scrim 7-9pm EST Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday If not I'll tell you before hand
  10. I forgot what is allowed and what isn't, but I'm pretty sure that we have specialized skills in our favorite weapons. So this being said I must conclude that my best weapon of choice for sniping would be a M1911 or the Desert Eagle as for assault...yeah same thing. Smg...Ak-74, shotgun is the first one I forgot the name. Don't mess with the pistol...it will kill you before you get a shot off.
  11. Well what server is this for? Because if its for the Killbox thats ok I guess, but for hardcore thats a big fat negative on this poll. At least on Core its not like the GL will kill you unless its a good shot, you know?
  12. TheDoctor

    Everything Random

    Must I say more?
  13. I voted No, because nade launchers are just long range grenades and people already spam with those. You can get 4 tubes with otherkill over the 3 frags which have less range, so its extra cheesy. If you can dodge a noob tube you can dodge a ball, which you can't dodge a tube...so good luck with that :]
  14. Absolutly, I love Company of Heroes and the squad behind cover idea is rockin, and I just can't wait until the Imps come back. And yes Eldar and Tyranids all the way.
  15. Dark Crusade is the game for me, Imperial Guard Hoorah! It doesn't have the best graphics but its fun to horde infantry and send them to their death. Its got a decent gameplay to it, its fairly balanced...I think, possibly, perhaps and other synonyms for maybe.

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