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Google Chrome


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I have to agree with you in terms of speed. Especially with Javascript.


I have some disappointment with the lack of official support for plugin development, however. Because of this, firefox is still better for me.

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Well for me the biggest disadvatage is that it doesn't run on OS X unless i want to pay 120 bucks. But to be honest, the new version of safari is just barely slower, and looks very very similar.


But when i'm booting windows, chrome FTW! Looks clean, very very fast, no pop-ups, downloads 2x faster than IE, a little faster than Mozilla, The popular pages list with thumbnails is awesome, The different color schemes all look pertfect.

Its the best!

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chrome now has extentions, although personally i still prefer the look and feel of firefox, without having to worry 2 much about my privacy, but i will use it sometimes just to check how different pages look in another browser or if one of my other browsers is not happy with me at the moment, but I don't use it very often

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