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Hi (Y Control) + request


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I'm a 19 year old guy from Belgium^^

I don't have an ego the Y Control aint I Control... It's a song by Yeahyeahyeahs

(so now you guys/girls know where my name is from)


Actually i have a request.

It's been like a half year since i played ET under the name |Cum|plete been top 700 or something on splatterladder... (like two years ago on Bertos top 1000)

I know it aint amazing but it aint bad either :)

Anyways never been in a clan or something like that


Now i dont ask for joining at all just asking if some of you guys would watch me (i'm on noquarter) to know if i would be good enough :P

Maybe later i'll join then but don't have teamspeak or something like that..


In my free time i cycle or do some jogging or i'm with my girlfriend (9 months) or going out ...

Usual stuff


Think this is long enough :P

I'll be back on the forums but not so often i'll be more on the server :P


Ciao tnx if you'll watch me ^^


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