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howdy hi hey hello


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Joy here, some of you know me some of you don't some of you will and some of you wont. =D "I like rhyming"




ahhhh I was once a sith lord over at .bb. in charge or supervising the slaves and what not, ahhhh I retired from ET about a year ago now but my IRC buddies and xbl friends keep draggin me back to ET forums "in a metaphorical sense that is". I'm completey in love with Blacky, Peter- is my b*** and Romance use to yell at me cause I told him to smoke weed and not care what some 16 year old girl tells him. "look how that turned out! =D"





time travel, alchemy, funnel cake, classic porno riffs, books, politics, video games, singing, playing instruments, frozen lemon aid, the stars, getting swayze faced, meditation, showering, art, grilled cheese, mustaches, starry nights, cold Sunday mornings, sleeping, friends, family, torrents, the rain, space, Taoism.



Overly confident people, smelly babies, people who stop to give correct change, not holding the door for at least one person, racist, sexiest, any kind of bashing for personal choices, inconsiderate people, soda, people way into pop culture, pop culture, shitty attitudes, overly warm or cold days, lack of sleep, not having a release.








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LMFAO think you got it the other way around injoy :-). You also need to quit doing 16 hour shifts, just quit, and move with blacky, and be his sex slave. He Pays alot :-D

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> howdy hi hey hello for all those who don't know



uhm i know :yahoo


*dixus waves injoy


how are you? i try to get my irc back. be prepared!


and hi nipa :) didnt even know that you are here!

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