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Not connecting?


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Hey guys. So i got BF2 working great, been pwning bots for the past day while the huuuuuugggggeeeee patch was downloading. and now that i want to be killed by people, I get a connection error. I don't have a firewall, I don't have antivirus, I have the BF2 ports opened, still nothing. Internet works fine, ET works fine, new wolf works okayish... but im hooked on BF2 and i don't care if the others work :P Please help me!



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its oldish. I got it about 4 months ago and it wouldnt run on my crappy pc. You can get it on Amazon for less than $10.


I really really really need some help. Im literally going crazy. I need to fly the heli XD Ive tried everything i know to fix this problem. Update pb, run as admin, open ports, remove firewall, new ethernet cables, reset my routers, deleted a bunch of stuff for more hd space, reinstalled BF2, redownloaded all patches. Its drivin me nuts! It worked perfectly before the 1.5 patch, should i just go back to 1.41?

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Where do the ss get saved? I can't seem to find them :hmm


this is exactly what it says though


You have failed to connect. Please check your network connection(s) and try again.

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