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COD Commerative video (for real)


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Now that we know that the video is going to be made we just need everyone to submit their film to Grind for editing. Incase you don't know you can use xFire to film said videos. Also could you all post what music you would like to be in the video. We will draw from this the good suggestions and then create a poll.

Also if any of the leaders see this could you please try tospread the word about the video. Thanks!

More info will be posted as it progresses!


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Is there any video recorder thing that can film like gta4, where you press a button (F2) and it records everything from the last 30-40 secs BEFORE you press the button?


ask if theres any confusion

Yes you can set that up in xfire if you go to the video section of the options

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which awesome shots? xD


your so funny, not. Nah but sometimes i pull off some really good no scopes, or a knifing spree :D only occasionally though


EDIT:I wont be on for a little while, moving house, so i dunno how long it will take to set up the internet, wish me luck

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