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  1. it's an alright movie, but i think it would need a better choice of music in my opinion... SOAD did not fit into that at all, you need like some punk (i dislike it, but it usually goes well in montages) just saying
  2. well thanks for your help all =PPP i got some1 to do it for me for free though ^^ i own
  3. I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu and i just bought 2 12" alpines with amp and a power cap... if any1 could tell me in pretty good details how to install this up to a stock system it would be much appreciated... my main problem is the power cap, i know mostly how to do the other stuff. please help
  4. utz oh didnt do so hot on my mat hexam... happy b-day chica

  5. i would film some stuff for ya, but all it would be is me dying most likely lmao
  6. yo guys, im in... but im not the best
  7. ok well i never had that problem, but i heard this helps... may be hastlesome though... uninstall and reinstall the game altogether, take off the newest patches and all when you delete it... and if that doesn't work im sorry for wasting your time
  8. timmins

    HELP ME OUT!!!

    i wanna make a youtube video, give me ideas lol... i dont care just tell me whatev
  9. timmins

    does it work

    lol whatever... i posted it then looked and it worked =)
  10. timmins

    does it work

    just wanted to see if my sig is working now
  11. timmins


    was a pile of crap. he made 'predictions' of what were going to happen in the world, and made them so broad that pretty much no matter what he would be right... Saying that something really bad will happen 'on a date where all of the numbers are the same'... honestly what he wrote, but couldnt that mean 1-1-01, that shit didnt happen and i doubt it's going to. anyone think anything else??? other than he was a d-bag And btw he is the reason we believe the world will end on 12-12-2012 if you guys didnt know ^.^
  12. The mother f'ers in call of duty... are pro... that's it, lol
  13. well a FFA wouldn't be that bad if you threw it on overgrown or something, a bigger map that isnt a grenadiers paradise. I'm not to fond of FFA's but i play em... in my respect, it is just the map that gets it for me.

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