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hey watsup


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oh :o i didnt know that .. il change it haha kinda unfamialiar with these things lol

used to play wolf all the time a cuple years back but i never got in to the clan stuff

how do you get clan or trial member ..do you have to wait for admins or leader to recruit u ?

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We are recruiting new members, so if you are interesting by join the clan!!! you need to make an application. How?


You go here choose the location where you from, create new topic and fill this :


Name (Optional):

Game Name:

Xfire :

Location :

Timezone :


How often do you play:

Do you use vent ( Yes / No ):

F|A Server you play on most :

Your expertise: ( C, C++, html, java, .net, map maker, etc) :


After your application gonna be pending (don't ask how much no one will tell you), waiting for a message from admin telling you that you are in trial you can wear the tag. But until then you must go play in servers and get known with others members.

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Guest noid:D

hey morbid, thought i would stop by to say hello since you spent so much time at my introduction. good luck on your application :) i've been around FA for a while and they seem to still be doing well, so it's a good clan to join (:

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haha...killinyouagain here...nice to see u here also



whatsup i definatly seen you on et

i remember the name disstincly haha what servers you normally on

i think it was hardcore or pub ive seen ya on :yahoo i love the little icon things lol :P

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