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Ealges 2 Way Beta 3


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Map Information


The Allies attack, and the Axis defend.

The main objective for the Allies is to steal 1 document, take it to the bus

, drive the bus over a bridge and dynamite the bridge.



Allies must:

a) steal document,

b ) steal the Bus Fuel (Both fuel and docs are up in the castle.),

c) take document and fuel to the bus,

d) build the bridge (near airfield),

e) drive bus to airfield,

f) take another fuel-can (more fuel!) to the plane, and

g) dynamite the hangar (to escape with the plane).


Axis will fight hard to prevent all this.


The bus can be damaged.


=F|A= Time Fix. 20 mins map.




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=F|A= Time Fix. 20 mins map.


No map time fix is required with this map. I used to run this map on the TwC servers and is one of my favorite maps although it is not run on very many servers if any at all anymore. This map is great for snipers, has alot of close quarters battles in the lower city, an awesome castle and multiple objectives to complete before finishing the map. Similar to Temple Final (and all versions of Temple) Eagles 2 Way will add time to the map at 2 different check points once the Allies advance to those points. So, by making a "time fix" for the map will drastically alter how the map is to be played and will cause an unfair advantage to the Axis.


With a 20 minute "time fix" the Allies will begin the map with additional time rather than the default time. The bonus time built into the map will still work once the Allies reach their check points. So in the end, the Allies will have gained much more time than the map was originally intended to have and put the Axis at an even bigger disadvantage with the extra time.

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