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Hello :)


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Hello everybody :>


im .'Flow+ aka. #wolf+ :>

im 15 years old...

hmm, im also male

i have played ET for about 3-4year now, so i have bit experience but ofc not so much what some players have in your servers :D:D

i have also done graphics over 1 and half year now :D , i use photoshop CS2 ^^



looks like that here is other flow called user so don't confuse us :>

but if that really is so big mess then you can call me as blackwolf or wolf too :)


my xfire is firewolf90

add if you want ^^


see you ^^

ask if you want to know smt else :D

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thanks :)

i have noticed that you have really nice settings and stuff there :>

and players are nice in servers + forum :D

wondering that does ETMV really work but gonna test it out soon :D

see you ^^


Enemy Territory Multi Version, this way all et players are all welcome to have fun with us .. :D

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First community I dunno cos already saw some others servers with similar thing, difference between us is our server is full clean punkbuster streaming server no punkbuster modification or anything.


how it works ?? it's easy you just install your ET games with patch or not and then join and have fun. that's it :)

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