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Debug assertion failed!


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i used +fullscreen 0 to get this message


i tested login defaultplayer i can play single player and host lan server... only getting error.... when i go play onle "account online"



Debug assertion failed!


Version: bla bla

Module: Persistence

File: C:\dice\Projects\BF2Branches\Patch_1_50\Code\BF2\Game\Persistence\HTTPRequest.cpp

Line: 445


Text: The request is invalid due to an invalid GameSpy URL.


Current confile:


What u think guys?

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solution http://forumplanet.gamespy.com/battlefield_2_technical_help/b49106/5428391/p1/



the usual path is C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc, now this show you all the servers/hosts you have been in, well


now open the file called "hosts", make a backup of the file (copy it again with othere name, so you dont miss it) open it using the note pad, now the LAST line you have in the text over there must be something like this


" localhost" (i suppose is different in all computers)


if you have more than that just erase them and save, and it supposed to be fixed.


I hope this can help you

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i posted the solution in the other thread


Thx man and sorry, idk how i posted 2 topic, only clicked en edit :o and thx again :D



nice battle yesterday u and rainier is very good players....

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