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COD4 Server COD 4 Admin Guide

milli vanilli

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1. We don't allow these perks:

- Marty

- Last stand

- Grenade Launchers.


If someone is using marty or grenade launchers he will be auto kicked after he kills 1 player with it.


Admin duty: To keep an eye on last stand users.

Make a bind and spam 3-5 times in general chat and during intermission when you see someone is using NOT ALLOWED perks.

Even after saying him 3-5 times in general chat he doesn't give up Trial members can use !warn. Each !warn should have like 1 min time interval giving him chance to remove perk. On 3rd warn he will be auto kicked.



2. Bitching


We don't allow bitching on continuous basis. Few times or on occasions it's fine.

If someone is bitching every 10 seconds you can always spam your bind 3-5 times "Watch your language. We don't allow bitching." If he continuous to keep on bitching you can use !warn and after 3 warns he will be auto kicked.



3. Cheating


We stream our servers to PBBANS so we don't tolerate cheating. If you are busted then you will remain banned.



4. !warn and !kick


You can always issue first !warn and second !warn should be issued after 1 min which gives sufficient time for a player to act. On 3rd !warn player will be auto kicked.

!kick should be used to remove players who continuously use restricted perks or are previously warned.


5. Vent


I strongly encourage to use vent while playing.



If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to suggest change in our rules use our respective game sub forums to express your idea and thoughts. We can change our rules anytime if you can convince us that your suggestion of new rule is more better than the present one.



Don't be a tard.

Thank you for your time. toodles!

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  • Administrators
admintest  Displays its own Admin group
ban	   ban PID | TEIL_DES_NICKS [REASON]	 
cancel	   Cancels an ongoing vote from
checkadmin PID | TEIL_DES_NICKS	 Displays the admin group to a player
cmdlist	   Displays the available commands in your admin group
exec	   exec NAMEDERCONFIG	 
forgive	   Last Teamkill awarded (only if the option is enabled)
fun	   fun [msg]	 Displays a Funmessage
gravity	   gravity [VALUE]	 Set g_gravity to VALUE if VALUE is not set to 800 (standard)
hardcore   hardcore 1 | 0	 Enables / Disables hardcore from the next map / round
help	   help COMMAND NAME	 Displays the syntax and help on a command
kick	   kick PID | TEIL_DES_NICKS [REASON]	 Removes a player
Killcam	   Killcam 1 | 0	 Enables / Disables Killcam from the next map / round
knockback  knockback [VALUE]	 G_knockback Set Value, if VALUE is not set to 1000 (standard)
map	   map MAPNAME [feces | was | dm | dom | sd | Sat]	 Changes the Map and Gametype
maprotate  loads the next map from the Mapcycle
maps	   Lists all installed maps on (from maps.cfg)
nextmap	   Displays the next map
no	   Vote for no
online	   Displays in the present moment Admins
pass	   Accepts a vote
pbbanguid	 pbbunguid GUID [NAME] [iP] [bASIC]	 Adds a ban, using it?? if the name or IP is not known
pbbanlist	 pbbanlist [sEARCH]	 Displays the banlist
pbclearbans	 pbclearbans	 Clears all bans on the banlist
pbgetss	         pbgetss PID | PART_OF_NICK	 Calls for a PB screenshot of a player to
pbrestart	 pbrestart	 Starts the new PunkBuster
pbunban	         pbunban BanID	 Deletes a ban from the banlist
pl	 	 Shows all players with their PIDs
protect	         protect PID | TEIL_DES_NICKS	 Sets or removes the protection of an Admin
SetGroup	 SetGroup GROUP PID | TEIL_DES_NICKS	 Sets the admin group of a player
setnextmap	 setnextmap MAPNAME [feces | was | dm | dom | sd | Sat | ctf | htf]	 Sets the next map and gametype
speed	         speed [VALUE]	 Set VALUE to g_speed if VALUE is not set to 190 (standard)
stats	 	 Shows your overall statistics
tempban	         tempban PID | TEIL_DES_NICKS [REASON]
time	 	 Displays the current time
tki	 	 Displays the current Teamkill Index
uptime	 	 Displays the uptime of the game server
vote	         vote [VOTE] [ARG]	 Starts a vote
warn	         warn PID | TEIL_DES_NICKS BASIC	 Warns a player
yes	 	 Vote for yes

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