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Some of you may be very familiar with the group Anonymous. I have heard about them multiple times but never really looked in to what the whole group was about. I have done minimal research on the subject and all I have found so far is that, they try to speak for everyone. They have no true leaders and no real structure to their group. They started more as more of hackers and more more into an idea or concept.


"They are nobody and yet they are everybody."


Anonymous sends out video messages on the internet to the public, usually pertaining to freedom of speech, corrupt officials, or criticism of Scientology; the study of knowing.

The group cannot really be stopped because, an idea cannot be killed.




If anyone has any more information or opinions about Anonymous please feel free to share them. (:

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scientology - the study of knowing.


I lol'd.



Ideas should be able to be killed, treat them like a disease and kill all the carriers.

Imo, good for them, if no-one puts a fire under someone elses ass then everyone gets too comfy and all sorts of stuff breaks loose.

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