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ET Server Official Vsays List N°2


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as I promise here you go the list of our sounds used in NoQuarter server. Later I will add the vsays list for FA#2


here you the list of all vsays that can be bind ;)


to use with bind for example you can do this :


Bind <key> vsay song13 "[n] ^1hate this song ^^" it will show & play in game: =F|A= Medic Hate this song ^^


some vsays like duke5 had 2 sounds


pk01 "piiikaaachuuu!!!!!"

pk02 "pika...pika...!!!"

pk03 "pika pika  pika!!!"

pk04 "pika...pika...pikachuuuuu!!!!"

pk05 "pika..pika..pika..pikaaaaa..."

pk06 "piiiiiiiiiiiiikachu"

pk07 "pikachu."

pk08 "pikaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

pk09 "piiKKaaChuuuu!!!"

pk10 "Whos that pokemon!!!"

duke1 "Die Bi***!!!"

duke2 "There is only 2 way this..."

"My gun's bigger then yours!"
"Your face... your ass...!"	

"Damn iam good!!!"
"I like big guns and I can not lie!!"

"Oooh thats gonna leave a mark!"
"Say hello to my little friend!!!"

"You talking to me!!!"
"Hahaha what a mess"

"You invincible headshot scripted cheater!"
"This really piss...."

"I can do this all day!"
"Holy shit!"

"I'm not gonna fight you! I'm gonna kick your ass!!"
"You guys suk...!"

"What are you waiting for!!!"
"Babes, bullets, bums, damn I love this job!"

fa1 "you are gonna be dead mother ****!"

fa2 "What the hell is going on..."


fa4 "Nice shooting son..."

fa5 "WOW man..."

fa6 "Give me 25 "

fa7 "Ohh I m sorry did I..."

fa8 "Heart attack..."

fa9 "Five Years Ago!!!"

fa10 "Waaazzzuuuuuuuup!!!"

fa11 "Banzaiiii  Banzaiiiii!"

fa12 "Banzaiiiiiii!!!"

fa13 "Banzaaiiiiii!!!"

fa14 "Heehehheheheheh HAhahahahaha!!!"

fa15 "Haaaaallelujaaaaahhh!!!"

fa16 "I Love Youuuu!"

fa17 "You treat me like a dog!!!"

fa18 "^DMendoozzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

fa19 "THUNDER!!!"

fa20 "You are not English!!!"

fa21 "Say Good night to the bad guy"

fa22 "Check out the big brain..."

fa23 "Enough is enough!"

fa24 "All I have in this world is my balls and my word!!!"

fa25 "I dont play this game!"

fa26 "Under no circumstances are you to engage the enemy!"

fa27 "Run Forest Run..."


fa29 "Hey man you playing that video game!!!"

fa30 "Good Night ladys..."

fa31 "^0You don't know the power of the darkside!!!"

fa32 "Don't fail me again!!!"

fa33 "I am Your Father!!!"

fa34 "What's your name, scumbag?"

fa35 "What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?"

fa36 "Who the f*** said that!!!"

fa37 "That piece of shit up there, I never liked him!!"

fa38 "I'm Tony Montana! You f*** with me, you f***in' with the best!"

fa39 "Okay, so what do you call yourself? Como se llama?"

fa40 "You can't resist me baby!!!"

song1 "Cypress Hill"

song2 "Oriental fever"

song3 "Hindi dance floor!"

song4 "I feel Goood..."

song5 "You cant touch this"

song6 "Gipsy king volare"

song7 "Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!"

song8 "Thats the way aha..."

song9 "Time to say good bye!!!"

song10 "1. 2.. 3... " James brown

song11 "Dance Time!!!"

song12 "Iam a barby girl!"

song13 "Come my lady, come come my lady!!"

song14 "Je t'aime!!!"

song15 "Got your self a gun!!!"

song16 "I make music for my people!!!"

song17 "Nooon rien de rien!!!"

baska1 "Ooooh bich bich bich!!!"

baska2 "And call me bich!!!"

baska3 "Don't f*** with me fellas!!"

baska4 "Im gonna execute...!!!"

baska5 "It's on your face i'm gonna sit!!!"

baska6 "Me love you long time!!!"

baska7 "You got me hotter...!!!"

baska8 "I'm gonna hunt you down!!!"

baska9 "kitty kitty!!!"

baska10 "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!!!"

baska11 "You missed me bich!!!"

baska12 "Move your fat ass!!!"

baska13 "No no no I can't do this!!!"

baska14 "One way or another, I'm gonna find you!!!"

baska15 "Why you have to be such...!!!"

baska16 "Hahahahhahhaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

baska17 "That was fu**** trippy!!!"

baska18 "Poor baby!!!"

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