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Anyone playing LOTRO at this moment?


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Hello guys! I saw a two year old thread on this game, but didnt wan't to bump it. I have just started playing LOTRO last week. I must say it is very fun and addicting. I'm on the Gladen server or something to that effect. I havent even played CoD4 untill tonight. I was just wondering if any of you guys are currently playing at this time? Also what server are you on and your names? :)

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I've played, every now and then. Haven't gotten very far with it, though. I think my best shot is somewhere around level 35. :/


I think I even have it installed currently. I'll try finding said Gladen server. Edit incoming once I find it.



EDIT: Found said server. It's actually named Gladden, believe it or not.


Turns out I have no characters on that server (other than level 1, but I'm not sure that counts)

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