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Girl with the dragon tattoo


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I read the book and most of the time the movie isn't better...


but maybe I will check it out


+ pretty sure there was already a movie of that book (dunno the title of it anymore...)



EDIT: found the other movie (it was called like the original bookname :P)




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The american version is decent. I LOVE the european versions of the movies. All 3 books are adapted already, in Swedish. Plus the euro girl is way hotter :) I have a cool poster of her on my wall

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Books are the best, because books go everytime more into the point and can describe everything to the details. We got all 3 parts (origial swedish) here in HBO now and all 3 parts are over 2 hours long. Movies are not so good as the books, but imo they have really high level.

We plan watch american version in the cinema with my wife. So, well see, how good it will be.

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