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It is impossible for me to become an F|A


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I never said you had no chance at all. I told you what you need to do to improve your chances and you didn't listen. Don't bug clan members about getting in, it will only make your chances worse for you. Sometimes people get annoyed by someone asking them 6 or so times in once match when they are gonna get in the clan.

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Captain Ryan when a leader or clan members even trial members advise you something you should listen to them, and you are free to apply or not, clan Leaders or Members are doing their duty to make server running the best way for all. maybe you misunderstood Demir, here is what you should Do : Play in our servers, get known with clan members and leaders, ask how to join (not all time in one match) if you wanna join us, Apply in forum and wait.


also Demir is right, some people keep asking for join 5 or 6 times in one match, so when he tell you what to do to have better chance to get in. So listen to him B)


anyway you still have chance to get in ... just change some behaviors and listen more to our leaders. This is my advise to you that you can accept or not :hi

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