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Hey guys, I just got a new PC (Yay!), and I have been having trouble with cod4 on it (Sad face). Basically what happens, is that I can launch the campaign portion, but when I try to launch multiplayer, I don't even get to the main screen, when it has an error. It says that cannot find the file: iw3mp.exe (I think, I will double check on the exact words of the error). I have tried installing it, and reinstalling it, but nothing is working. Any ideas on what to do?



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For people with the same problem I had, this might help (vista users with immediate multiplayer crash despite single player running fine):



Go to Start then Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound --> Sound

Right-click on "Speakers" under "Playback" tab

Select "Show disabled devices"

The select "Recording" tab

"Stereo Mix" should now be visible - Richt-click on it and select "enable"


or this


i hope this help you :)



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Thanks=) that helped a lot. I can now get in the menu, but when I open the multiplayer menu, there are no servers on the list. Any idea on what's wrong?

try refreshing main server list if that doesnt work try doing


in console...if you can connect to it then the main server list should show up once you quit game the next time. If you cant connec then you got another problem...

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