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Hello dear ET-gamers,



I don't now if this is the right section to post this but i don't come here often ;)


It's about a player on your FA nq server who calls himself last days *dA GingerRat,


He is NOT a member of our clan, he is using our tag when he does not have our permission.


I tried to talk to him be he refused to answer me,


=F|A= ark banned him for one day after spoken with one of our members *dA Duality, so thx once again ;)


If he do it again, can you guys make him clear that it isn't allowed to where our tag?


Thanks for your help and have good holidays and I see you on FA-servers




Grtz *dA bo0zzze, Co-leader of *dA-community

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Hi bo0zzze,


we're aware of this situation and we'll keep an eye on him. If there's anything new about this I guess we'll keep you up to date here.

Next time I'll see Ginger I'm trying to have a talk with him, we're on a good relation and I hope he'll listen to me.

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