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Nick stealer


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the name stealing occurs when other player has the same name as You, in this case, it would be Orange. , if someone uses for example Unknown* i cannot say him change ur name cause u steal it, because he has not a tag, i suggest ask the player if he can change his name, but im not sure if he agrees.

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There's no thing we can do about that. You should bare in mind that there are 7 billion - that's a seven with a lot of zeros behind it ;) - people living on this planet. Not everybody is a gamer for sure but unique nicknames aren't that easy to find. Some day somebody might join a server with the exact nick as yours and that's it.

If you could get a copyright on names - branches and products not included - I would be the first person to get mine saved to make some money with suing everybody else with that name.


Hope you can understand my gibberish.

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