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Small world scenarios


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Just was browsing some profiles a couple weeks ago and found that DeathHunter is in a small town near where I grew up for 22 years and had been to many times. It's neat to me because that area is alot of small towns (mine was actually a village because it had such a small population) and we end up on here together.


Just curious if anyone else has come across a "small world" moment like this, also.





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how about i one up you......im from Lima, OH. i thought the same thing when =Death Hunter= made the blog post about Kewpee's :D


I dated a girl from Lima! What was her name...


Her dad was a minister. Think it started with Sch...


Or maybe it was the twins. Their names were Nancy & ...


Regardless... It ended with OhYeah! :lol

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