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Howdy Doody


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Hey everyone! My names Zach, but I go by Chaozzz. I have played ET for almost 8 years now, and I also play CoD4. More of my time on computer games goes into CoD4, but everyone once in a while I jump on ET for a scrim here and now. I just wanted to introduce myself as I play a lot both on your ET and your CoD4 servers. I like your community and I hope to get to know you all very well.


Btw, What's up hellreturn? I doubt you remember me but we used to play ET together a lot and you helped me set up a couple of my servers. Thanks again for that. I knew you were in this clan but I never realized how high up you were haha. Anyways, nice to see you again and I hope I can get to know the rest of the community pretty well.

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