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  1. Happy Birthday Swedish Mafia!

  2. I didn't get is to work. I know just about zip when is comes to mac. I'm to used to windows. But thanks for the help anyway.
  3. Um There is no Call Of Duty in the applications? It is in macintosh HD is that where i should put it?
  4. Krauersaut I did what you said and ever thing when right. But when I got onto a server it kicked me off saying I need to update my Punkbuster??? Is there anything I might also have to do???
  5. I am trying to download Punkbuster on my Mac OSX. I went to www.evenbalance.com and clicked on COD4, then I clicked "PBsetup" and did the "type in these letters in the box then press download" so i did that and downloaded Punkbuster. The problem I have is getting it to work? I dragged the download to "Macintosh HD" and put it in my Call of Duty file holder. The file of Punkbuster is called "pbsetup/23-15-23-142.tgz". I double clicked on it and hit 'Open" that made another file called "pbsetup.run" I double clicked on that and the first thing that came up was 'this is your first time running Punkbuster click Ok to move on" or whatever is said. Then I clicked the license agreement thing so of course i clicked on I agree. Now I have seen some tutorials on how to do this. So after I agreed, so the whole thing on choosing your game and that stuff never came up. What did was similar. On the top it said "Game Game Path Client Version Server Version. And it would not let me click on any of them???? If any of this was not clear please just ask me. I would appreciate any help i get =) Btw i am not very good with computers so please leave it simple minded. Thanks!!!!
  6. Thanks guys for the B-day wishes!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday MagOo!

    1. Wifestein


      Happy Birthday :]

  8. Happy Birthday Sammy676!

  9. Happy Birthday JanaWestin!

  10. Happy Birthday Swedish Mafia!

  11. I don't know what to think*----* First two movie were pretty good (expecially Dark Knight). But if you ask me the trailer makes it look kinda corny.
  12. I bet the guy doen't want his kids to take his remote:P
  13. Hello and welcome:) Please enjoy your stay!!!!
  14. Well, I'll be 16 and driving by myself in like.... 6 days!!!!! If you live near Swedesburg Iowa I suggest you stay off the roads as much as possible=)

    1. JoeDirt


      Thats if you pass the driving exam first.

    2. Swedish Mafia

      Swedish Mafia

      I sure hope i can=) Drivers ED was super easy.

  15. First one looks like that would be pure pain.