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  1. Hii :)

    Welcome to the forums! See you ingame
  2. New to F|A Forum...."Darketch" from COD4

    Welcome to the forums Dark Tec
  3. Hello!

    Greetings and Welcome to the forum
  4. hi al

    Hello and welcome to the forums angle
  5. Hello F|A clan

    Hello fighter welcome to the forums.
  6. hello and happy new year!

    Hey x.dot good round last game. Welcome to the forums! Major
  7. New to the forums...

    Welcome man. Good game today. Save her the flavor on that posion shot it was one and a million XD Major
  8. Hello

    Hello and welcome Mr kolo. I played a few games with you before. Welcome to the forums
  9. Hello F|A Community Meet MajorB@d@ss

    Thanks guys good to be seen. @ Strobel dismissal approved!
  10. Pop Quiz

    Good Answer Hobbit. I ask this question because this happened to me when i was on a GodLike Spree on the beginners server the other day. I didn't shoot a wall unless the Allies at the time were walls . I was able to get 8 more kills before my run ended. I will share my solution once the drawing is completed.
  11. Pop Quiz

    Alot of these answers are good! The thread deadline ends in one day, and a winner will be chosen. The winner will have $5 donated to F|A via paypal in their name. Merry Christmas, Major
  12. Hello, its Agent[26]! :D

    Welcome overdrive and Merry Christmas.
  13. Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D

    Dude sweet! Now we all get to see Darth Maul pwn in 3D!
  14. Favorite NFL Team

    Bears and Saints! Da BEARS WHO DAT!
  15. Hunting 2011

    That's one hell of a nice buc Good meat harvest on that bad boy. I could stock that up in and last the winter Cheers Major