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Facebook Timeline now live for all users


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Facebook on Thursday activated its Timeline feature for all users of the social network. Facebook’s Timeline totally revamps a user’s profile page and lists events, such as check-ins, new friends, photos and more, in chronological order. We registered as a developer and have been using the Timeline feature for the past few months. We love that we’re able to go all the way back to 2004 when we first joined the social network to see early posts, but it’s a bit tedious to go through years and years of content to delete or hide posts that are no longer relevant. Facebook Timeline also allows each user to set a unique “Cover” photo that sits at the top of a user’s page and is independent of a profile picture. The Cover feature makes each page feel different and allows a user to add a unique flavor to his or her profile page. Overall, it’s definitely one of Facebook’s better updates in recent memory and we think most users will like the new features. Timeline was originally unveiled in September during Facebook’s annual F8 conference.




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I like the idea of it, I mean you're able to look back on what was posted back in January of this year or whenever :)


The only downside imo is when you click on a users timeline for the month, there is two columns of the content posted which is a bit confusing but I guess we'll get used to it :) Reminds me of bebo.

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