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The first one was pretty good, and this one looks like it could be just as good. The thing I love most about these movies is the cast they assembled; great combination of some great action stars. My only complaint is that they left out Tom "Coo Coo For Cocoa Puffs" Cruise; oh wait, they only used great action stars. lol

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Hm. Yes there are some of the best known action stars in it. Of course the story doesn't count that much, because , let's be serious: it's an action movie (nothing wrong about that one, don't get me wrong).


But actually the first one was boring, the story was (even for a stallone film) horrible and the choreographed action sequences were boring.


Of course the movie has a certain "trash"-component....but.......no......I won't watch this movie....not even for free :notalk



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