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  1. Could be good. I guess Hollywood has run out of movie ideas, so we just get to see remakes/ redos. Yes, they usually are done a lot better than the original (or last remake), but geeeeesshhh.
  2. Not sure if it will work because I can't see the floor, but have you tried any of the paint/stain stripping solvents? I have used some of them before (sorry can't remember the name), you just brush it on, let it sit for a while, and then scrape it off. Certainly it will take off your finish too, but I think that is coming off no matter what. This is something you could do in small areas, and over a period of time.
  3. I bet my savings account that this mans predictions will not come to pass; at least not just because he thinks Windows 8 sucks. I see this as something that still has a few years before we see it happen. Most consumers will not buy a PC with Linux, because most people are not familiar with it. It would be nice to see someone give MS a run for their money, and to give them a reason to refine their product.
  4. 1979 Chevy Suburban 100 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. It may have been a big car, but it had a 454 in it, and it could move. I punched the gas to pass someone that was not doing 55. As I was passing I looked down at my speed and saw 100 MPH; YIKES, not exactly a speed performance car. It was getting a little squirrely.
  5. I love the converter chain in #2. Anyone here old enought to realize that the port it is all plugged into is a Parallel Printer port (LPT)? So is he going to try to print to the USB drive? I know, it is just a picture for fun.
  6. 30 years ago? It has happened more recently than that. I has also been going on for hundreds of years. Religious nuts are always talking about the return of their God, and how he/she will wipe out the earth. Science nuts and their predictions of solar flares, ice ages, global warming (by their initial predictions the earth would be one big desert by now), and the like. If it ends, it ends, what can you do about it? Human arrogance brings a lot of people to think the world will end while they are on it. I guess they think there is not any way the world could go on without them. although, if we did not all die (of course that means it is not the end) I would go all Red Dawn. This isn't the first time in history (even the short recorded history of weather)that the weather has been f'ed up either. The weather has been more extreme on both ends of the spectrum, and we are all still here.
  7. You expect me to believe that you ordered meat? I also hid a dead body under your backdoor mat. That might be where the flies went.
  8. Try updating your drivers, especially VGA and sound.
  9. I agree, putting that plane in a vertical dive. Could get ugly when you try to pull out of it, if it doesn't rip apart before that.
  10. So he is really dare-ish-devil. What if one of the servers would have gone down while he was out f**king around doing this sh*t? LOL
  11. beedub


    If he doesn't have a life why isn't he playing COD with us? LOL
  12. They have just been stacking up under your mat. Go out and look under your mat, who knows what will be there. I would swear that the first picture was taken in Alabama, but the truck looks European and it is parked on a cobblestone road.

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