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Creek is suck for snd. Too unbalanced and too linear.


Maps that are good for snd are district, strike, vacant (sometimes), and crossfire.


Most scrims have only those maps enabled anyways. Crash is an exception, but it can get a bit hectic even with just 24 players.

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Suggestion should be something like this:


Present map: Overgrown its TDM

Requesting: Overgrown to S&D

Reason: whatever you want.


Should be easy for me and people to post yes or no.

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In light of that dare, here you go with proper formatting. And forgive me if this mode was changed already as I've been swamped with school so I haven't checked.


Present Map: Vacant FFA

Requesting: Vacant SnD

Reason: FFA is in general not that fun. Plus the map is terrible for FFA in the first place. Second, SnD is actually one of the better modes for Vacant, as camping is only effective if you have extreme conditioning and rush to the spot straight away. And even then enemies are usually straight on your tail. That and 2 possible objectives force campers to move if one of the objectives gets reached. Finally, it's a standard scrim map, so it'd be a nice intro to how scrims might be like.


Second suggestion :D


Present Map: Chinatown TDM

Requesting: Just removed in general

Reason: It sucks... period. The map is a campfest, with far too many mounted autos lying around. I find that those machine guns are drastically overpowered as a skilled user can easily gun down a whole team if they know what they're doing. I've done it a few times myself, so I know its possible.


And third @.@


Present Map: Backlot TDM

Requesting: Backlot SnD

Reason: One, if you want TDM you're most likely camping out Killbox. Two, Backlot is a decent map for SnD, also a standard scrim map to boot. My only concern would be the usage of the mounted machine guns, but eventually we could get those modded out.... right? D: Three, Backlot for TDM almost always winds up with one team getting pushed into a spawn and then totally decimated. And I never have fun when that happens, and I assume other players don't enjoy it either.



and that's all.

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