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Issues with the BF2 server


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Server restarting randomly, was playing and pwn all the bots and 3 maps in the server restarts. Was i pwn to hard and bots voted to kick me? lol j/k, is it possible to change the map size so we can play some maps with the aircraft so I can pwn rainier. Saw some nice features on other servers so I off to google for those :D

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Ok guys thanks for the input on the server. Let me try to address all your issues in one post.


As far as the Server restarting, I have decreased the number of bots on the server. I am told that on servers with low number of slots too many bots can cause this issue. Let me know if this problem continues.


In regards to the question about Making the maps bigger in order to use jets and so on.

There is a small issue, here is why. In co-op mode maps only allow up to a certin amount of players per slots. So in a 24 slot server the game only allows a 16 player size map config. So in order to play on maps full size we have 2 choices. Either run in normal mode with no bots and requiring a minimum of 6 players to start a match, or add more slots at a cost of $1.24 Us per slot. I would truley love to see more slots on this server and i feel it would do lots to help get us more traffic. Unfortunatley i can not afford to pay more that i currently do for this server. If anyone would like to contribute please pm myself or dare and we will make it happen.


Bot voting .Bots shoudld never vote to kick you. I can not disable voting for bots alone. Voting is either on or off. I have however changed settings so that only team voting is now allowed.


I hope i have answered everyones questions. let me know if i can do more to make the server better.

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Just want to let you all know that i am aware of the "Auto Balance " issue currently with teh BF2 server and am currently working with the server host to resolve this issue, as well as the connection issues that some of you have been having. I am confident that these issues will be resolved very soon. Thanks for your patience.

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