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CJ Entertainment Japan and Toei have released the first trailer for upcoming $28 million World War II epic, “My Way“, starring Japanese actor Odagiri Joe and South Korean actor Jang Dong Gun.


The film was directed by South Korean director Kang Je Gyu (“Shiri”, “Taegukgi – Brotherhood”), who was inspired by an old photograph of an Asian person wearing a German uniform during the war and backtracked the person’s 12,000 km long trek to Europe.


However, more than a story of war, “My Way” lays its focus on the deep bond between two men. During their childhood, they started as rivals with the dream of winning the marathon at the Olympics. With the outbreak of World War II, they were both forced to enter the military.


Hasegawa Tatsuo (Odagiri Joe) comes from a militaristic family and was proud to serve his country, but Kim Jun Shik (Jang Dong Gun), who is a servant of the Hasegawa family, actually didn’t want to go to war. During their harsh and long journey from Asia, through Siberia, to Normandy, they end up not only wearing the Japanese uniform, but also the uniforms of the Soviet Union and Germany.


The climax of the film happens towards the end at the Battle of Normandy. It took the production team more than three months to prepare the large-scale set. Moreover, 2,300 extras and state-of-the-art filming equipment were used to capture the intensity of the battlefield.


“My Way” is going to open in Japan on January 14th.



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