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Motorbike Helmet Clash Protectors?


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Ok im sure any bike owners out there will know that when riding two-up (with a passenger / pillion), regardless of how hard you're hitting the breaks or throttle, you DO get helmet clashes.


Now, these helmet-to-helmet knocks are going to cause structural imbalances in the helmet its self (namely the drivers' helmet, because it's constantly being 'chiselled' by the pillion's helmet)..


I considered attaching a rubber pad to the rear of the helmet but anyone with any sense knows that you have to be VERY careful affixing foreign objects to your helmet. Glues etc can all - over a prolonged period - cause weaknesses in your helmet. So I am very reluctant to attach anything makeshift.


I'm looking for a properly manufactured, and safely adhesive rubber or plastic protector for the back of the drivers helmet because it's already being damaged by pillion head-banging. Lol..


Surely this must exist? Because everyone knows that even minor chips to the helmet's surface could be the difference in structural strength between living or dying..


Do any of you know of the kinda thing I'm looking for? I've searched relentlessly with no luck so far..



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