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Who/what is responsible for Jaymod Bugs

=Death Hunter=

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I was just wondering who or what the main culprit is behind the bugs we have gotten in the past few months. Are they truley just some kind of glitch/bug or just some a**h**** hacks?


And is there anything we can do as admin to prevent this in any way?


If hacks, do they have to be in-game or on a server to install this bull into our servers? How does it happen?

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http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/24556-fa-2-jaymod-xps-xp-save-issue/ DD answered it here, its the fault who built part of ET, to be more precise who created MOD named jaymod.

What we can do is go ask the mod developer to fix this issue, or give ability to restore XP.

Hope it answers it.

Vanaraud out

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