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i am the morbid one i love my arts , mainly aerosol i will have to show everyone some stuff i done with the spray cans :D , but

i have another little hobby i make signatures but not ordinary computer graphics (dont mind the spelling , no spellchecks on here haha)

mine are custom made signitures i will display a few i have made and if anyone is interested please post on here along with a few basic colours and even maybe a theme to follow and make life a bit easier on my creative brain , i have made a few for some of our older member and i will display some work i have done for everyone to see

i have progessed with my abillities a biut since my older ones aswell and changed my style around a bit so my newer sigs finish alot cleaner anyways if u like lets me know and weel se what i can do for you , peace , The morbid 0ne!

the morb!d one.bmp




morb!d dom..bmp

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