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A little problem on silent server


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My problem is about 1 bind. I use shift for alternative fire. And for play I need all time replace this bind in (control). But in my etconfg "alternative fire" or "weapalt" doesn't appear. Do you know what is the bind for alternative fire in silent?



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ESC->OPTIONS->CONTROLS- switch to alt fire. sry dont know the cmd.


EDIT: I guess thats it

bind MOUSE2 "+attack2"

So for you it would be

SHIFT for attack2


the console command would be then \bind shift attack2

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Thanks Vanaraud, but finally my problem is different. On my etconfig, i can look all bind i want. But each time I restart ET, when i'm in the game, my bind disappear. And after, when I close ET, my etconfig have the bind:S


I don't understand the problem:S


If you have an idea, thanks.

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it's probably like in jaymod for me. I have to set "alt. fire" under esc->options->jaymod->misc everytime if i go there. Somehow it won't just stick with me. Maybe i'm too lazy to check my cfg for it but yh, i use a few different at a time, so they change all the time.


bind SHIFT "+weapalt" // Alternate fire

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Every time you make a change or you connect to a server you have to execute the config you can do that by opening the console and type this in,

/exec configs name




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