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What is it with all the emergency drills on 11/9/11 ?


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On November 9th, there will be a series of events going on that make me scratch my head why on this specific date. It's like a unified global crisis drill of sorts to prepare for something that's going to happen very soon. But what!?


Anyways, as I posted not to long ago in other forums, there is to be nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System that will be conducted at 2 pm EST, where all radio and television of all sorts(digital/analog) will be interrupted for a period of about 3 mins or so. This tests is supposedly so the president of the US can address the people in the event of a national crisis.





Then there's the UNESCO Pacific Tsunami Drill in which there is a response drill to a simulated tsunami originating along the Alaskan Aleutian Islands or Hawaii and will be gearing towards the west coast of the US and Mexico.






There is a call for hundreds of volunteers to help participate in a medical exercise at a medical facility in Shelby County. This exercise will provide practical training experience to prepare for medical response during a large scale event




The UK’s NEAF Nuclear Emergency Exercise has Exercise Nightstar 11 on 9 November 2011. Nightstar is an annual ‘live play’ demonstration of emergency arrangements.




On a cooler side, this coming Nov 9th is also the date the asteroid YU55 at 1300ft wide comes between the Earth & the Moon. Might be a nice show to watch! :cool:




So am I going nuts or is there perhaps some fascination with the 9/11 11/9 meme? Well whatever it is, time to put the tin foil back on.

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To sum it up it's to serve as a reminder for the authorities and the public in general to be on their guard, and to be prepared to react accordingly when something horrible happens. In regards to the date of 11/9/11 there may or may not be a group or lone individual(s) who may or may not try something stupid due to its purported symbolism. Stay away from crowds.



On a side note there's an asteroid that will miss us by a cosmic eyelash come 2029.. but some scientists believe there is a chance (albeit small) that it will hit us.


so possibly it may not have anything to do with the date at all, maybe the authorities want people to be ready.

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no no no, the world is gonna end in 2012.... thats what we're gettin ready for. ;)


exactly, the 21st december 2012 is the end of life as we now it and the beginning of the Fifth Sun as the Mayans called it. I already bought my suntan.

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