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COD MW 3 SPOILER - FIrst 20 Minutes Gameplay


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Big Spoiler Warning!!!



It starts after the landing from Nikolaj and Price. You lay as Soap on a panier. Both searching a doctor for you and you get somehits with the defi.<br>then the story continues with some new soldiers (you play Frost). You have to destroy a tower which sends EMP Waves etc etc. story could be cool and into is okay but well that dump KI - i hope it was easy difficulty^^ For example he runs upstairs and shoot some enemy but the other enemy next to him still shooting down on your team and youre next to him^^


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german site. scroll bit down and start the video (if you can duo to copyright). they show the unpacking of PS3 and X-Box and after that the second complete mission. Maybe you can watch it.

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