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Plane hits Ferris wheel north of Sydney


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Plane hits Ferris wheel north of Sydney




No-one was seriously injured in the incident, officials say


An ultra-light plane has crashed into a Ferris wheel in a village north of Sydney, trapping four people, Australian officials say.


The Cheetah S200 plane with two men aboard did not topple the wheel after hitting it during a festival in the village of Old Bar.


The men and two children at the top of the wheel were trapped for some time before being rescued by a crane.


There were no serious injuries in Saturday's incident, the officials say.


'Get the damn kids out'


"Thankfully, everyone was taken down and were able to walk away from it," New South Wales Rural Fire Service spokesman Ben Shepherd said after the incident in Old Bar, some 220 miles (350km) north of Sydney.


Police said the two children remained trapped on the wheel for about 90 minutes.


The two men spent almost three hours in the plane's wreckage, some 10m (30ft) above the ground.


The aircraft was leaking fuel, and rescue teams had to spray foam to reduce the risk of it exploding.


One of the men in the plane, who local media named as John, said he and the pilot had urged the rescuers to free the children first.


"Don't worry about us. Just get the damn kids out," he said.


The aircraft reportedly failed to gain enough altitude after taking off from a nearby airport.


An investigation into the crash is now under way.


Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk...acific-15135716

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Wtf, amazing :D what are the chances off crashing into a ferris wheel?


Ultra lights, they are light weight and fly low. Some times the pilot doesn't even need a license for them. Depends on the plane.

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