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Mouse problem :HELP:


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Hello there,


I have problem with my mouse,

i have logitech mx518 and ingame almost every minute my mouse disconnect and reconnect(you hear an usb connecting sound) and its really impossible to play...

i tried reinstall,update,roll back driver even tried connect mouse on other ports still no effect...

Some1 can help me about this?


EDIT: I removed ticks in USB Root Hubs ->Power managment still nothing,



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Hello, from my experience this means one of two things

  1. The mouse is ready to die let him be
  2. Your motherboard might be starting to go.

Try with another mouse for a little bit, if the problem persists start saving some money for a new PC or motherboard.

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Like i said, i had the same problem. On desktop my mouse worked almost fine, maybe every 10min OFF/ON. Ingame every 20sec OFF/ON. On other Pc's i had the same problem.

I buyed a new one. Didn't find a way to fix it.

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hey guys,i just want to tell ya that i've been searching for some help with mouse on google and look what i found:



''The wire is jammed! but it can be fixed! and quite easy!

Open your mouse (screws under the stickers)

remove the little green data thingy with the mouse wheel attached to it! (1 little screw)

then replace the wire a little bit more inside (like 0.5 inch... not too far or the mouse wont close again cuz the wire is in the way then)

Make sure that at the places the wire is bent, you bent the wire to the OTHER side. (at least thats what i did)

close up and.... tadaaaaa no more disconnects!''


I did exactly the same and no more disconnect in last 3 says )


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