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Hello Everyone..Flamingo of Death here...

Flamingo of Death

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Hello Everyone,

I just want to say hello and introduce myself.. I know, I’m the mediocre player with the strange name. I’m cool with that, and to be honest I’m not even a mediocre player. But damn you guys and gals make it fun to play ET. That’s the best part.


Not only are the F|A Clan members great to play with, but all the other players are great too. In short, F|A runs a great server (s) and a tight ship.


I don’t do anything really well, but if I had to choose I would say covert ops is my best class. Mainly because I’m pretty good at popping smoke and sniping…..my worse? Medic.


If I’m a medic you have two choices: I can either cover your back with the rifle, or I can stand there like an idiot with my syringe out and heal you after you’ve been killed. Take your pick. For some reason I just can’t make the switch fast enough to heal a person and they tap out….either that I will stack a bunch of medic packs on your dying body and wonder why the hell you don’t jump up. Me as a medic is an epic fail to say the least.


Kills are not a very important reason for playing, but they are certainly nice. I just like to watch my team complete the objective. I don’t care who plants, steals the gold etc. I do what I can to make that happen.


Sometimes I will comment on a conversation. If you object then just let me know and I’ll butt out.


Well, once again I very much appreciate you letting me join the forums and allowing me to play on your servers. I hope to see ya’ll around very son.

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