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New toy. :)


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My girlfriend and I will be finalizing a deal on a 1995 Tahoe today, We'll be picking it up tomorrow, and then detailing it between tomorrow and saturday, and I should have some pictures Saturday sometime.


Basics of the truck:

1995 Tahoe LT

Chevy 350cid. (Or 5.7L for those of you that speak metric lol)

Automatic trans.


2 door.

Fully loaded, including leather interior.


It'll be a fun little toy I think. The guy wanted $2750.


I managed to get him down to $1900. :D


Here's a picture from the ad, before it being detailed. I should have it done this weekend for some new pics.



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kogucik: The truck sounds like crap, it has a working factory muffler. I'm going to have to replace that with a flowmaster ASAP.


Slayerz: Thanks, I can't wait to get it cleaned up and get some pics of it.


Geoff: Condition of this 95 isn't as nice as yours from what I saw, but it's badass and still beastly. Comes with factory rims and tires, and it has a gorgeous set of 14 hole aluminum rims on it now with street tires. I didn't get a brand off the rims, but I saw no rash, and no corrosion, I'm guessing the rims alone retail for at least $75 each.


General: You'll need to get a Tahoe for your first truck... screw getting a car lol :D

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well my sis has a car but is going to college in PA, cant take car, so im good on a car already! :D Too bad its a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta.....on holds like 10-16 gallons of gas -.-

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Nice. Gratulation :P

5,7 chevy engine <3 The sound must be amazing :D


Agreed, does it have aftermarket muffles on it yet?


Nice truck though, if you take some more pics get atleast one of the motor. :P

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Late: No aftermarket mufflers yet, I'm bringing it home today for the first time, so I haven't had a chance to do anything yet. And why would you want to see pics of a bone stock 350 engine? lol


Thanks Frated and Murdah :) If you guys ever have car questions, make a thread in this forum, there are a lot of guys and girls here who can help answer any car questions you may have :)

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the beauty of a chevy 350...even stock, can be appreciated. plus i had a chevy truck around that year, that i used to work on alot. it had a 350, so it will bring back some memories. what kinda mufflers you gonna get for it?

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Flowmaster is the only exhaust I ever use on my vehicles.


As for the beauty of a stock 350, that's currently debateable, since I have to undo the rigged fixes and such someone did under the hood before it's even worth looking at. Not to mention the dirt and such that needs to be cleaned up as well.


The interior is finished though, the leather seats turned out really nice.


EDIT: Will have pics uploaded shortly

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