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HC-Easier admin use


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I notice that on the HC server you have to use the full command, unlike Jaymod. Its a small change yet one that may be wanted by others as well. Is what I mean is on Jaymond you can use !put for putteam, as for HC you need to type in the full !putteam. I am lazy and hate having to put the full command when I am used to playing other servers when you can abbreviate the command. This goes for all the other commands as well.


Just a thought. Not sure what others input is for it.

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I've never really thought it to be an issue. After awhile commands seem to be second nature when typing. Plus being able to scroll up by hitting the up arrow has always been useful to me.


I suppose it is just a matter of preference though I am not sure that it can be tweaked from the server end or if it requires a complete retooling of the mod itself.

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I dont think this to be a problem at all. You got the operation quickly once you know how to type the command depending on the mod. The difference in the use of abbreviated commands between the game mods is trivial and the effort is zero. :)

jay: !lis

nitmod: !lis

silent: !list

NQ: !listplayers

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