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Hi, I would know where I can read the detailed rules of your servers. No general rules but "detailed".


Sorry if there are mistakes, I use google translation ^ ^




Edit: Txh brauning, but that don't help me ^^ I search the rules on the servers, like f/a beginners... Concerning xp whoring for exemple or something like that, the "small" or detailed rules... ^^

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Hi camille!


Keep this in front of your eyes, this is our rule regarding to XP Whoring:


9. XP Whoring

- It's allowed. Make sure you are not blocking the way of your team.

- Exception. If you will go in one corner with flamer and ammo to increase your SL rating you will be banned. Be a man and play fair to get your rating. I personally don't care for rating but I have seen many young kids take SL as their only motive to play ET.



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Ok thx Joker. Yesterday an admin warn me: Stop to take disguise or you will be ban. I don't know if it was a joke because he don't answer me after, there are rules concerning cover ops? Or it's just a joke or an admin abuse? It's not a complaint against him, just want to know if there are rules (and i forget his name ;))


(sorry for my english ^^)



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Yes, what you FFW do is not allowed I believe. Taking multiple uniforms, you know what im talking no need to describe it. Won't encourage others.

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