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Alright... So I hopped onto the RPG forums for the first time, and I tried to sign in with my Fearless Assassins account (with the right password mind), but it told me that my password was wrong. So, I proceeded to register, but alas, my email was somehow taken, but I have no memory of registering on the RPG forums whatsoever


Also, I'm sorry if this isn't the right section, there IS a help section, but this question doesn't fit under any of the categories. May I suggest a "General help" section?


Also, how do you put pictures into a post without using a URL?

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Ok wait. There is an issue if it says your username / password is wrong.



For inserting image, click this icon during posting and add image url.



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Ok, so I can't just insert an image directly from a file folder?


no. You need to upload it using click to attach or use gallery.


That image icon helps if it's uploaded somewhere before.


Can you PM me your username and pass? So i can see whats wrong?

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